The Hyenas’ efforts to dehumanize us


    The law of the jungle is the domination of the strong over the weak, and this law inevitably prevailed for millions of years among humans, or human beings, until methods of governance developed within regions, then countries, nationalities, and borders, but the conflict continued in a turbulent, changing manner within these entities, and in a more violent manner between the entities in an effort to dominate and make gains through force. The result of World War I was to seek to regulate relations without wars, but the treaties quickly failed as a result of the changing balance of power. World War II broke out after the powerful West had gained divided influence in various regions of the world

    In short, we can say that Western hegemony over the world by force and its plundering was carried out supported by racist slogans, meaning that whoever differed from them in style, colour, and religion is of lower status than them. The development of the peoples of the West led to politicians attempting to conceal this tendency, while continuing to actively work with the same concepts. Until now, we find that the brightest countries in Europe exhaust the resources of the countries of Africa on the one hand and claim to support and help them on the other hand. When a disaster occurs outside their borders, there is no similar concern as if the disaster were to impact them as a ‘white’ race. Officially and publicly, colonialism ended, even though it continued to benefit somewhat less extensively from the countries themselves. Parallel to this public retreat, they supported Zionist colonialism in establishing itself in the middle of the Middle East, so that it remained a thorn, difficult to remove and perpetuated the Arab need for the West. From here on, they supported the Jewish racist tendency against the Arabs in general and the Palestinians in particular, and they supported negative descriptions. The Jewish official says that the Palestinians are human animals, and senior politicians in Europe said this year that the peoples of Africa are like weeds and must be cut down

    Ostensibly, the colonial world, which controlled the United Nations, the global economy, and military power, supported the decisions to resolve the Palestinian issue and denounced the entity, which they had created, for violating these decisions, but their support and satisfaction with the entity’s policies were not negatively affected… and this official racist West had practiced the same approach with the apartheid regime in South Africa until the revolution was victorious there and they were obliged to accept the result. In the case of Palestine, they practically accepted the occupation, persecution, killing, and settlement practices. It is true that they issued condemnatory decisions, but they dealt politically and commercially with the settlements, all while denouncing them as illegal!! Let us imagine now, in the most intense days of killing and annihilation of Palestinians, with this media momentum and popular protest in the West, we find a country like Canada, claiming to respect the law, yet silent about the settlers’ sale of housing units in the West Bank to Canadians in Canada under the nose and eyes of the government…so we can just imagine the volume of trade between the EU and the settlements in the same fashion

The killing of a settler sparked protests and imposed sanctions, while the killing and burning dozens of Palestinians did not require any counteraction from these racist politicians. Even when the leaders of the entity declared that the Palestinians are human animals, no one denounced them, and none of them objected to the killing and extermination they practiced against civilians and infrastructure, and violated the laws, regulations, and covenants, the implementation of which their governments were supposed to guarantee. Rather, they lined up for a long time,  supporting, and arming the racist aggressor, and they did not move until after their own populations stood up against the campaign of killing children and defenseless people…which has happened and is still on-going after many months and will remain an agitation for decades in an attempt to dehumanize a people trying to gain their rights, in order to facilitate their removal from existence in response to racist desires and  ambitions to suck the blood of the region one by one

    The Palestinian people they are trying to dehumanize are a peaceful, cultured and educated people with the lowest illiteracy rate in the world. Their sin is that they refused to be defeated and did not give up their rights. To this cultured people, they attached the characteristics of extremism, terrorism, and backwardness, and then attempts to dehumanize them!! Yes, when the official West is silent about what is happening to the Palestinians, it is practically saying that they are wild animals that can be hunted and the land cleared of them for the white supremacist. The Jews that were persecuted for centuries in Europe, were annexed and turned into a Western asset, and allowed to do whatever they wanted under Western military and diplomatic protection… So how does this process take place?    Israel is killing at its maximum capacity without resorting to nuclear weapons, and destroying everything so that if the war stops, the survivors will not find shelter, clothing, food, nor education, health, or public facilities. That is, it pushes people to dehumanize, for the strong to dominate the weak while they are surrounded in a desolate wilderness. From the first week, the occupation forces began destroying public security institutions, killing policemen, and then bombing homes after coordination with collaborators to loot the contents as a reward for them and to spread chaos and encourage looting and theft for the benefit of some and to terrorize others. In the upscale areas of Gaza City, the occupation soldiers invaded homes and banks, looted the contents and safes, and acted like a mob. Then they incited their collaborators to continue this approach… Everything was stolen, and what was not stolen was destroyed according to their instructions so that the survivors would not find anything that would benefit them as human beings

With the mounting of some international pressure to bring food into the already hungry northern Gaza Strip, the occupation refused to allow the United Nations agency to transport and distribute flour, but they put it in trucks, stopped them at a soldiers’ checkpoint and began shooting the hungry citizens. A similar trap was repeated to kill and to encourage people to behave like animals competing for flour and food. The Israeli allowed photographs, and even filmed the event from the air and published it immediately to achieve their propaganda aims

    When the occupation forces asked the people of the North to migrate to the South, Israeli ambassadors in the Western media claimed that there were health camps waiting for the displaced. The displaced found nothing but deadly crowding, without sanitary and medical facilities, nutrition, and housing… and of course all of this is intended to encourage animal instincts, how we eat, where we relieve ourselves, and with what we keep warm… and despite the cooperation and steadfastness of the people, each of them finds himself busy throughout the day with the basics that are difficult to fulfill in light of the deadly siege on the city of Rafah, while thousands of trucks, full of support, are parked meters away in plain sight across the border fence with Egypt. The occupation besieges the people, starves them, and wants them to behave like animals, crossing the border to where there is food, leaving their country, and so the Nakbah will be repeated, but outside the country this time

    The residents of the Gaza Strip are among the bravest human beings, and their history extends throughout the ages, since their steadfastness against Babylon, and after them the Persians, then Alexander the Great, followed by the failure of the Romans, who turned into Gazans, and we will certainly not be overcome by swarms of rabid, racist fascist hyenas. We will restore life more beautiful than it was, and we will build a port with the rubble, and we will create deterrent methods for the future, and we will not give up an inch or a letter of our rights. We will live in dignity despite the flood of hyenas

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