Artificial intelligence and human stupidity in play against gaza


    On December 10, 2023, that is, two months after the Al-Aqsa incursion, the entity’s soldiers stormed a building in Shuja’iya after bombarding it with tanks. Then they heard voices calling for help in Hebrew saying, “We’ve been kidnapped, save us.” Instead of communicating with them and rescuing them, the forces thought it was a trap, and that the resistance was luring them into booby-trapped areas. They withdrew, influenced by the state of war and the abundance of deadly traps. But what had happened was that the bombing had killed the guards, the prisoners escaped and wandered Gaza for five days until they encountered friendly forces. They bared their chests, raised white flags, and called out in Hebrew that they were escaped hostages requiring assistance. They were liquidated immediately, and a later investigation by the entity’s military confirmed that they were shot as potential members of the resistance trying to lure the soldiers into danger

    The event is real, but the reason given for shooting them is fallacious, and the authorities do not want to acknowledge the truth! It is unreasonable, illogical for any soldier to shoot someone with naked chest, waving a white flag of surrender, and explaining his identity in Hebrew. This is the height of madness, especially since the invaders are searching for hostages and wish to rescue prisoners from their opponents or to obtain information about the resistance. How could they give up this opportunity? And what really happened

Light machine gun defense systems, mounted on troop transport vehicles, are equipped with an electronic monitoring and activation system to fire on anything moving in the immediate vicinity. Such machine guns have been known since the 1960s of the past century, and were employed on the Berlin Wall to shoot anyone who approached trying to flee across the wall from East to West. This system was developed and used on the fence separating the Gaza Strip from Palestine, a solution with which the soldiers felt comfortable until the seventh of October as they never imagined that the Palestinian resistance would be able to disable the electronics that operate the system, which is also used on the vehicles transporting soldiers.  This weapon is what killed the hostages.  When the three approached the transport vehicle, it was most likely also responsible for killing dozens of soldiers with friendly fire

    In contrast to this artificial intelligence, which is widespread in many of the weapons used against civilians in the Gaza Strip, we have Palestinian human intelligence, whether in the field of electronic warfare or traps, the media and psychological warfare. The success of the incursion and its continuation for three days terrified the entity, its residents, and its supporters abroad. Hitherto, it relied primarily on technology. The resistance disabled sensitive devices, cameras, and phones, stormed the fence with bulldozers, and invaded the surrounding area for three days, as a result of a prior electronic attack

On the second day of the year 2024, the entity’s intelligence services used a drone that penetrated Lebanese airspace and reached the southern suburbs of Beirut, that is, the stronghold of the Lebanese resistance and the place where its leaders reside. Then, they launched precise wave missiles at the office of the second man in the Palestinian resistance, Sheikh Saleh Al-Arouri, including a missile to his car.  This mission inevitably succeeded due to old and well-known complex technology that directs missiles remotely to precise targets, and other technology that disrupted the monitoring and defenses of the Lebanese resistance. Years before that, the entity’s intelligence repeatedly resorted to using precision guided missiles to the point of infiltrating them through a window and detonating them in the office of Abu Ali Mustafa, leader of the Popular Front, in Al-Bireh, the West Bank, in 2001

    It has also become clear that the entity monitors targets using voiceprints, with the support of British aircraft patrolling the Palestinian coast monitoring specific voiceprints to determine the whereabouts of specific people… If any of the intelligence services hold any previous recording of the voice of the person to be hunted, British aircraft technology can identify a voice as soon as it surfaces on a phone and determine the precise location, upon which a missile reaches him

Listening Post 8200 in the entity’s army is described as a “national alert unit.” This unit has a large military base near Kibbutz “Urim” in a location close to the Gaza Strip, called “Yarkon,” and many parties in the world have been eavesdropped on from for there a long time… They eavesdropped, for example, on the calls of the late Abdel Nasser and King Hussein before 1967, and on Arafat’s calls in Beirut. But the soldiers there have recently been focusing on eavesdropping on the Palestinians and trying to uncover their plans to target Israel and its army. The Palestinians entered “Yarkon,” and captured its soldiers and officers, carrying the records and recordings off to Gaza, and taking intelligence materials and highly sensitive equipment. The United States has Listening Posts at all its bases in the region, and Britain has the largest electronic Listening Post in Cyprus that covers the Middle East and intercepts all calls to Europe

    The resistance’s success in evading eavesdropping and monitoring and carrying out the incursion in secrecy was due to factors of caution and the limited number of those who were aware of the plan. The decisive factor was that the leaders and officials did not communicate via mobile or landline phones because they pass through the Israeli agencies that control the communications sector and all information pertaining thereto… They did not revert to communicating in the Stone Age, but they used a special wired telephone system in the tunnels that was not connected to the outside or to any telephone network. The entity’s agencies therefore knew nothing about their intentions

In the first days of the incursion, and before the ground invasion, aircraft destroyed known targets associated with the resistance, then the destruction moved to civilian infrastructure, then the entity’s army progressed to destroying hospitals, mosques and churches as a result of its failure to make progress against the resistance, such as killing or capturing leaders or fighters, or of course liberating their captives. The blindsided intelligence services had assumed that the resistance was hiding in tunnels under public institutions, but they did not succeed in proving any of these claims. The failure continued, so the entity’s institutions resorted to picking out the names of all known resistance fighters, whether through spies, or monitoring the monthly payment of salaries through banks and ATMs, which also provide pictures of those who use them. Then they linked the phone numbers to the names and began monitoring the locations of the phones of everyone who had a relationship with the Hamas government, and they considered all their owners as targets.  There were daily massacres of hundreds of individuals and the demolition of homes over the heads of their residents… When the Palestinian street became aware of what was going on, the entity’s army began indiscriminate, intense, blind, retaliatory bombing… in retaliation for the shock and fear at what had happened to them, and in retaliation for their failure to achieve the declared goals of the ground invasion

The war criminals convinced their counterparts in Washington that the bombs available to them could not penetrate the ground deeply enough to reach the tunnels. They requested one-ton bombs, obtained them via airlift from their partner in crime, and dropped them randomly on civilians because they were dumb, unguided bombs. In the entity’s previous wars on the Gaza Strip, they used psychological warfare and destructive smart weapons. They would contact the residents of the building to be bombed and justify their goal by the presence of resistance members in the building, then ask the residents to evacuate within five minutes or a quarter of an hour. At the time stated, they would launch a light missile, directed at the target as an initial warning, then five minutes later a large missile would follow, causing the building to collapse

    At that time, they wanted to isolate people from the resistance, and indeed buildings devoid of tenants and residents who supported the resistance were preferred for rental and housing. As a result of the siege and the nature of Hamas’ rule, sensitivity and accusations arose in society about the corruption and nepotism of the administration, and if elections had taken place before the 7th of October, Hamas would not have won… But as a result of the bombing, destruction, and lack of distinction in goals, cohesion was restored and the movement’s popularity expanded in Palestine and outside it, and the fact that the ground attack has entered its fourth month, accompanied by the entity’s failure to achieve any declared goal; strategic defeat has become the entity’s share, and calamity and destruction have become the share of the residents of the Gaza Strip

Abdel-Gabbar Adwan

Citizen of Gaza

(Beginning of the fourth month of the ground invasion)

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