How Israel floundered and missed rare opportunities


  On the evening of January 17th, the Al Jazeera broadcaster said: The Israeli government has asked hospitals to prepare to receive critically injured from the South and North. My first thought was that, finally, the government had woken up and decided to change course to win over the residents of the Gaza Strip and the West Bank by treating their wounded, or at least the most severely injured, numbering in the tens of thousands. It occurred to me that this was a smart act to separate relations between the resistance movements and the people, to win back international public opinion, and to thwart the call of South Africa, which accuses Israel of genocide… The broadcaster did not explain the news, but rather moved on to daily recurring news about bombing, killing, injuries, starvation, and the inability to provide medical care. The wounded, the burial of rotting corpses, and the news of resistance men fighting back, blowing up tanks, and setting up ambushes, do not require hospitals to be prepared to receive casualties from the outskirts of the country

    A fleeting question interrupted my unfocused thoughts; Are the army’s losses huge and do they intend to disclose them? Or did they receive a severe blow that caused hundreds of injuries?  Perhaps they intend to attack Hezbollah and expect Tel Aviv to be bombed and its buildings to collapse, similar to September 11th in New York? My mind rejected that and moved on in its bemusement to the hypothesis that Germany had convinced Israel to carry out a peaceful coup, especially as Berlin was well acquainted with the nihilism and cost of the massacres and genocide it had carried out against Namibia at the beginning of the twentieth century, and against the Jews in the first third of that century… I said to myself that perhaps the Berlin government had changed tack, after being rebuked by Namibia for supporting and joining with Israel against South Africa’s accusation of genocide. Berlin may have remembered that it always ends up on the losing side in its positions and wars, and that is why it woke up on being rebuked by Namibia and convinced its former victim and current ally, Israel, to go to a peaceful attack and turn the tables on the Palestinians, their supporters and the Governments and people demonstrating against war and occupation

I did not believe in my illusions, or rather my wishes, but the broadcaster provided no further explanation in the next bulletin; So I went to other news sites that did not help me at the time, but I found a piece of news attributed to the well-known Israeli historian, Ilan Pappe, who said in a lecture in Haifa one day ago that the Zionist project is dying and a vacuum will be created in Palestine which the liberation movement must fill. I wondered if perhaps they wanted to treat the Palestinians in their hospitals in order to establish a popular friendship that will enable those who want to remain in the country to coexist with its indigenous population. The historian offers six reasons for the collapse of the Zionist project: The internal conflict raging within Israel between secularists and extremists. The second reason is the unprecedented global support for the Palestinian cause following the destructive war in Gaza. The third reason is the inclusion of Israel as an apartheid state by respected international humanitarian organizations. Fourthly, according to the famous historian; the deteriorating economic situation, widespread poverty, and weak purchasing power in Israel. Fifthly, the army was unable to protect the south and north of the country, turning Jews into refugees inside the country and increasing those displaced abroad. Then the historian added the sixth reason, which is the rejection of what Israel is doing by the new generation of world Jews

    Then I found in my archive a story published by the Israeli newspaper Haaretz on January 3th, that is, before the international tribunal had convened, the headline of which said that the accusation of genocide should be a wake-up call for Israel. The news stated that the truth is clear from Israel’s submission to the most right-wing government in its history, the members of which talk about the annihilation of Gaza, openly discuss the idea of deportation, and call for the occupation of Gaza and the establishment of settlements there, and the fact that public debate in Israel normalizes the killing of fifty thousand, or one hundred thousand Gazans, starving the population, and obstructing the delivery of aid, to put pressure on Hamas, all of which will incline the court to convict Israel of genocide. I thought: Perhaps some people woke up, even if it was a deception, and claimed that they were helping to deal with so-called collateral damage in order to divert from the information about the desire of the government and most of the Israeli street for extermination

It has been proven that the first demonstrations in the world against the war in Gaza, in Washington specifically, were carried out by Jews, and we often hear the voices of Israeli thinkers against the war who accuse the government of committing massacres and genocide. Therefore, it cannot be said that all Jews or all Israelis agree with the plan of extermination in Gaza… We remember that before the beginning of this war, tens of thousands of Israelis were demonstrating against the extremist right-wing government policy every Saturday, and we should not forget the expansion of the movement of families of prisoners in Gaza and the transformation of their demands from ‘Freeing their children’ to ‘Stop the war’; What is the reason for this transformation? Frankly, the people’s search for non-Israeli news sources to check on their families showed them what was going on in Gaza in terms of a war of extermination and exposing their families and all Gazans to danger and death… This knowledge guided them and changed their outlook. In schools, universities, the army, and in the dominant media, systematic incitement against the Palestinians abounds… In addition, the Zionist economic forces control the American and Western media, whether through ownership, advertising influence, or even moral blackmail and other types of blackmail, and thus the Israeli or American public has almost no knowledge of what it is actually transpiring; They are relatively tolerant and find it easier to go along with the herd

    On the same night, while I was debating with myself, I listened to a former American official answering questions about the ease with which the White House submitted to Israeli desires and objected to ending the war. The official said, among many other things, that he personally watched the news on the Al Jazeera English channel, but the bulk of the American people watch local channels. These do not reflect the reality of what is happening, but rather, even after three months of massacre, they are full of news about what happened on October 7th, and even that is from  the Israeli perspective, as if Israel is being annihilated by the Nazis and is again facing the Holocaust … The official added; and that is why there is no actual pressure on the administration, it believes that the influence of the Jewish media lobby is strong and will contribute to winning the electoral battle this year, and this is what matters most to the American president

     I said thank you Al Jazeera, but what have millions of Americans of Arab origin been doing throughout these decades? At least now they can take advantage of the social media revolution, but

    The next day, I confirmed that the broadcast which started my speculations concerned the Israelis alone, and that the medical preparation to receive casualties from the north and south may be intended to intimidate the resistance in Lebanon by indicating that the attack is coming and the preparation is at its peak, and the hospitals here are preparing for the worst scenario with the arrival of some missiles to Tel Aviv… All of that to tempt the resistance to stop supporting Gaza with firepower and accept a diplomatic solution. The war has actually expanded, contrary to the desire of Washington, which is losing its prestige among its allies, and its control over the seas and trade, and has even become fearful for the fate of its bases… The reason is nothing more than the desire of the charlatan in charge to expand the war to submerge the effects of his government’s defeat on October 7th and the later failure of his forces, and the fact that he knows the end of the war means his expulsion from office and being put on trial locally and internationally

 Abdel-Gabbar Adwan

Citizen of Gaza

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