Remember today and ask yourself are you a human being or trash



Whether president, official, or citizen, this is a message to every creature seeking to know himself, is he an honorable human being, or a vile, unfeeling, hired mercenary. The criterion should be your degree of humanity, and your respect for its natural principles or other principles that are legislated and agreed upon between peoples and nations… as opposed to injustice, profiteering, deception, and intolerance. Try to assess your own position, and then you can continue marching for or against other peoples. But first, it is necessary to know where you stand

The year 2024 cannot be compared to the years of World War I and World War II, when humanity was suffering from slow transmission of information, lack of public influence on policy and war makers, and national fanaticism, accompanied by outright lies and deception. Today, information is immediately available to anyone who seeks it, or it becomes available gradually, and of course any rational human being should scrutinize the news and background and determine his own position on what is happening. It is no longer possible to say that we do not know what is going on. Perhaps the majority of us do not know who benefits from what is going on, but we should know exactly what is taking place

Presidents and leaders receive information through the agencies of their countries, and citizens receive information through official or private agencies, linked to various interests, or through social media… The uglier the case and the longer it lasts, the more conflicting the media being pumped out becomes. The interested reader must choose between right and wrong, decide where he stands on the issue, and then examine the possibilities to work for or against a particular outcome, especially if the issue is humanitarian, or has the potential to affect people, countries, or is a matter of justice

What has been happening in Gaza and all of Palestine for 75 years is a product of a Western colonial campaign that decided to get rid of the Jews in Europe and benefit from them in the heart of the Middle East. None of the UN resolutions that were issued to support the Palestinians were implemented. When the Palestinians, as a result of their disappointment with global behaviour, accepted the prospect of retrieving about a quarter of their former country on which to establish their state, colonialism rejected this, preferring a scenario which allowed them to occupy all of Palestine and many of the surrounding lands and countries. These facts are known to everyone, or at least they should be. But comprehensive control requires the complete annihilation of the people who own the land, or at least their deportation from their country… And this is exactly what the Israeli forces are doing in the Gaza Strip and the West Bank… They destroy everything, kill everyone, and force them to leave through force, starvation, and disease

The leaders and politicians of the Western countries who established the Zionist project and supported it from the beginning, at the expense of the Palestinian people, are now pretending that they are unable to influence the end of the genocidal war… They do not boycott or prevent aid to Israel and proclaim their inability to influence Israeli decisions. The majority of honorable citizens in Western countries have declared their position, opposing the war and demanding its cessation, while their leaders procrastinate

This situation applies to the rest of the countries of the world, including the Arab countries that were and are still under the influence of colonial countries… The citizens want to stop the war and support the people of the Gaza Strip on a humanitarian basis, while their rulers are satisfied with empty notifications and meetings and are unsuccessful in  delivering food, medicine, water and fuel to the besieged victims… two and a half million people in the Gaza Strip, half of whom are children. No demagogic, accusatory justification can be applied to them and they do not bear any responsibility… Even if they were all guilty, they certainly would not deserve all this unending punishment

Now is your chance to determine your own position, to side with true evil or with humanity… Then you see what you can do to whatever extent available to you… The important thing is not to follow the path of complicit leaders; by remaining silent, or supporting them out of fear for your job, food, or well-being. If you keep up with them, you will turn from a human being into a sheep… As a citizen, you have thousands of ways of showing humane solidarity, starting with public expression, boycott, and financial donations to international organizations helping Gaza… But, if you are a public official, of course your responsibility is greater, yet, in the end, you will learn about… yourself! For you, the issue requires neither arguments nor persuasion… You know the truth and you have human obligations even if you have left yourself vulnerable to blackmail… Register yourself on the list of honorable humans, and renounce evil and demons

Abdel-Gabbar Adwan

Citizen of Gaza

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