The sole remaining outcomes – Defeat of the enemy or total domination of the region


     Everyone near and far, Sunni, Shiia, Arab and all those living in the Arab region should be aware that if the situation of Hamas and the Palestinian resistance deteriorates militarily, and the war consequently ends in military defeat, this will be followed by a yet greater humanitarian catastrophe, unless Hezbollah or Iran intervene to come to the rescue by bombing Tel Aviv. A defeat will result first in the weakening of the Persians, followed by all Arabs, and additional submission to the desires of Washington and Tel Aviv and, of course, the inevitable weakening of the role of Sunni and Shiia political Islam… Therefore, the best solution would be effective official Arab political and oil pressure on Washington and the West to stop the tragedy and ensure the implementation of the two-state solution and the holding of Palestinian elections, even at the cost of expanded normalization and the participation of Saudi Arabia

    The Tel Aviv government and the dominant right-wing parties are betting everything now to resolve the matter in their favour, and in favour of their ultimate aims. Briefly, the 7th of October invasion undermined the enemy’s deterrence power and limited its options. If it were to be defeated politically or militarily and surrendered to a fait accompli; its role in the region would be diminished, and, even without further warfare, the entity would start to decline significantly… Everyone would abandon it due to its weakness, the settlers would leave, especially those with dual nationalities, and everything will collapse, particularly for the extreme right. Therefore, they are now desperate to put everything on the line, sacrificing their soldiers, their economy, and their international reputation. Therefore, for them the option of defeat or even a compromise solution, meaning returning to the situation before the 7th of October invasion, is not an option as long as they retain the ability to destroy, even if it is destruction remotely from the air, remote missiles and artillery, without clashing with resistance fighters

    This also has particular consequences for the Palestinian, Arab and Islamic resistance party. The best option would be to openly include Hezbollah in the battle, with clear support from Iran and its supporters in the region. The enemy is now psychologically, militarily and economically exhausted, lacking in ammunition, and exposed globally, popularly and officially, and any counteraction, even if it is bombing its cities and civilians, will be understood as a natural response to the long-standing barbarism against Gaza. But this is not the only mandatory reason for decisive intervention; It has become clear to the enemy that Hezbollah, with Iranian support, is preparing for a major attack that was scheduled for the summer. The enemy also knows the capabilities of the resistance party, and therefore the residents of Northern Occupied Palestine were transferred to the center, and they will not accept the continuation of this threat in any future. For them, there remains only the destruction of the resistance party or its surrender… Therefore, it is better for the resistance to strike now while the iron is hot

    Regarding Iran; It has become clear to far and wide that it is moving its forces against Western interests, whether by striking bases, or closing the straits, with all that this means for the Western economy, and therefore the West will seek a way other than continuing the blockade to take revenge on Tehran, secure their colonial interests, and use the Zionist enemy as a claw to carry out a strike that will break the back of the Iranian regime… and so the same conclusion presents itself; to attack now in current circumstances is a thousand times better than waiting and waiting and building defense plans for an upcoming attack with unclear outcomes

    As for the Arab countries; there is no doubt about their political, economic, and cultural submission to Western American, British, French, and European colonialism in general… But the colonizer’s victory over Palestine and its resistance will lead to direct Arab colonization and submission to Zionism, the absorption of the blood of the region, and the humiliation of rulers and governments, even if the humiliation takes the form of celebrations and parties. If Greater Israel is victorious in Gaza, it will quickly expand geographically and dominate the region, and every ruler will see his fate as the fate of Hamas and the fate of his country as the fate of Gaza and its people

   No one expects these countries to launch a counter-war, but at least boycotting the enemy and cohesion with the people of Gaza would be an example for the future, and of course venturing into using the oil weapon before the arrival of spring, and making the supply contingent on lifting the siege and establishing the State of Palestine and benefiting from international pressure, all just to restore the status quo to its pre October 7th condition..  In other words, what Prince Mohammed is doing, by linking the normalization of his country with the enemy to the establishment of a Palestinian state with Jerusalem as its capital, is in need of a more comprehensive supportive Arab use of the oil weapon and confirmation of the policy of the prince, that there is no oil without the establishment of a Palestinian state

    Giving the enemy the opportunity to continue the destruction in Gaza and defeat the resistance is not be in the interests of any Arab regime or people. We know that Arab governments do not want victory for any member or relative of the Muslim Brotherhood, but the armed resistance movement is not ideologically committed to Hamas. The resistance is the people as a whole, not a few thousand fighters. Without the steadfastness of all the people and their endurance of tragedies, the resistance would not have been destined to continue until now. Rather, it will continue and resist through the people’s tolerance and patience in the face of destruction, hunger and disease, without raising the white flag… This is the resistance which must be supported by all Arabs, and this will not shame them, but rather it will serve them. If they want, they can adopt the resistance and pull the rug from under the feet of political Islam, if they want, they can support Gaza in the ways available to them and continue to criticize Hamas as they see fit. In the end, the Palestinian people are the principle and the victim, and before the October invasion, the majority in the Gaza Strip was against the Hamas movement and its ruling regime… But, once the invasion occurred, there must be solidarity, internal cohesion, and seizing the opportunity to deter the enemy… This is not the job of the Gazans alone, and will harm no-one. Whether you are an official or one of the people, do what you can as an Arab and stop praying to God for intervention from heaven. That is not going to happen without your input… Everything depends on you, and I am not excluding anyone; with real support for Gaza, you will be protecting your own backsides and the future of your grandchildren

Abdel-Gabbar Adwan

Citizen of Gaza


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