Why the war will end soon with the defeat of colonialism


    The criterion of defeat or victory for an aggressor depends on the outcome of the goals he set for the war. Did he achieve them completely or partially, or did he fail or perhaps even lose? When the balance of military power between the two parties is overwhelming, the defeat of the militarily stronger party is resounding when it fails to achieve its goals, despite destroying the opponent’s country and citizens… This is exactly what the German Fuhrer did to the neighboring European countries, but in the end he was defeated, committed suicide, and his devastated country was divided up between the Americans, Russians, French and English with occupation in one form or another still ongoing

    The Palestinian situation differs in some details from Nazi-occupied Europe. The country is under racist, colonial, settler occupation, supported by the West for reasons and goals that are well-known, and some of which have a connection to the Nazis. The dismantling of Palestine faces resistance which is limiting the expansion of the occupation, and it is in this context that the Al-Aqsa incursion occurred on October 7, 2023. The incursion achieved its political goals from the first hours in a way that cannot be undone, as the deterrence of occupation was broken and exposed for the illusion and mirage that it is, shaking the entity to its foundations, and bringing into question the claims that it provides security for the Jews, is the shield protecting the West’s strategic and political goals, its tool against progressive regimes, the possessor of the best weapons and technology… Indeed, the settler occupation reached the height of arrogance when proposing to protect Arab from Arab, and Muslim from Muslim

    Its vision failed completely, and the weapons it used and developed with the United States, the occupation’s partner in everything, failed… Thus, the occupier, with full Western support, embarked on barbaric revenge, increasing the scope of its failure with every passing day, dragging with it a supportive Western leadership, which has become increasingly divorced from its own citizens, horrified by the terror of the disaster unfolding before them in the Gaza Strip. It is important to note here that without the incursion, the Palestinian issue would have been abandoned and the occupier would have risen in the region as master of all

Western voters, and American voters in particular, moved against the war and demanded it stop. The resistance withstood and developed mechanisms to sustain their daily losses to the invading forces, and the Palestinian civilians demonstrated a legendary resolve not previously encountered in human history, whether in enduring losses or remaining steadfast in the land, thus thwarting plans for expansion through displacement, and allowing the resistance time to strike the invading forces. The settler occupier and those who support him from the West thought that military barbarism would lead to the raising of the white flag by the resistance, or at the very least that the people would turn against the resistance in search of safety… but the Palestinian people resolved to stay and to resist until the occupier has been defeated

    The second factor that will contribute to the defeat of the occupier is the support emanating from southern Lebanon and the resistance forces in Iraq and Yemen. In Lebanon, an escalating front of attrition was opened that has held down more than a third of the occupation army from day one. It led to the displacement of seventy thousand settlers from northern Palestine to the center, and caused significant human and material losses. The escalating Lebanese response has raised the specter in Washington of an explosion on this front, and a painful exchange of bombardment reaching potentially to Tel Aviv, and perhaps an invasion from Lebanon involving Palestinian refugees. While Washington’s efforts are focused on preventing the expansion of the war with the aim of confining it to Gaza, and diverting the Lebanese resistance through bribery and temptation, the Lebanese reject any dialogue or discussion of conditions before the aggression against Gaza stops

    The third factor is the resistance in Iraq, which bombed American bases in Iraq and Syria and launched missiles towards occupied Palestine. It appears that it is preparing to invade and liquidate the American bases. Indeed, Baghdad has requested the acceleration of the withdrawal of American forces from Iraq. In a presidential election year, Washington does not need this expansion of the war, which both Russia and China would welcome for strategic political and economic reasons

    Of course, the Yemeni strike was auspicious, especially as it linked the siege of Bab al-Mandab to the opening of the crossings into Gaza to humanitarian aid, meaning that the Yemeni demand is in line with the demands of the peoples of the earth who want to stop the war and provide relief to Gaza. The impact on the global economy by which the West lives and profits was immediately apparent… Some pretense of creating a force to deter Yemen was made, but in the end they knew it was doomed to failure; Any war, regardless of the balance of power, will disrupt safe passage through Bab al-Mandab and perhaps the Strait of Hormuz as well… In the event of war on Yemen, all ships trying to pass will come under attack, not just ships heading to the ports of Eilat or Haifa, and the oil supply from the Gulf through the Strait of Hormuz will be disrupted, doubling the potential losses of the colonial West

Thus, with the military failure to achieve the goals of the occupier by striking the Palestinian resistance, capturing its leaders, and retrieving the captured soldiers from the day of the incursion, internal political disputes were born, and Zionist extremists raced to renew and escalate goals such as extermination, the nuclear bomb, and displacement through starvation and striking the entire civilian infrastructure… That in turn eroded the ranks of their supporters. Political supporters in the West are falling away and the only one who has remained aligned with the occupier is Washington, which now faces the danger of attacks on its interests in the region, the defeat of its political supporters, and the encouragement of revolutions against regimes that support Washington in the region… Also, the specter of presidential electoral failure this year has begun to unsettle the president, who has started trying to limit the scope of the aggression, to promote its opposition to displacement, underlining the necessity of bringing aid into Gaza at a higher rate and of delivering support to the northern Gaza Strip, rejecting the principle of occupying part of the Gaza Strip, and of course, renewing the demand for a two-state solution and opposing the separation of Gaza from the West Bank… These positions, stated by the Jewish Zionist US Secretary of State at the beginning of the fourth month of the aggression are intended to mislead world public opinion, which is of course against the vision of the leaders of the occupying state, and against their declared goals, in effect it is a Western admission of defeat for however long they procrastinate

    The political victory will resound to the resistance forces in the region, that is, to Shia political Islam, and this is a double defeat for Washington’s vision and for the Arab leaders, and regimes supporting it, who have turned a blind eye to what is happening to Gaza and its people, hoping that the occupation will triumph and rid them of Sunni political Islam, or in other words, rid them of the remnants of the Muslim Brotherhood; the same Muslims, who have slept through the attack on Gaza… As for the main victim; that is of course Gaza and its legendary people who must quickly learn lessons and decide their own fate through elections which must never be postponed in the future, and this is a people that will quickly find its way to rebuild the Strip, the state, and their citizenhood… This is the only certainty, amidst the overwhelming pain and fog

Abdel-Gabbar Adwan

Citizen of Gaza

(The beginning of the fourth month of the ground invasion)

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